Eyeless Jack
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Species Unknown
Sex Male
Origin Story Eyeless Jack by Azelf5000
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Eyeless Jack is the main villain of the Creepypasta of the same name.


The original creepypasta follows a man named Mitch, who moves in with his brother Edwin after his house is foreclosed. A week later, Mitch wakes up with a large gash on his cheek. After going to the hospital, the doctor reveals that Mitch's left kidney had been surgically removed overnight.

Around midnight that night, Mitch wakes to see Eyeless Jack over his bed. Mitch manages to grab his camera and take a picture before Jack attacks, clawing at his chest. Mitch escapes and flees into the woods, where he trips and is knocked unconscious.

When Mitch awakens in the hospital, it is revealed to him that Edwin had been killed the previous night. His parents drive him to the house to collect his belongings. When he enters, Mitch sees Edwin's corpse and a small object laying next to it. He observes it to find that it is his kidney with a bite taken out of it, covered in a black substance.

Eyeless Jack is described in the original story as a person (obviously lacking eyes) in a black hoodie and a expressionless blue mask with no features. Black slime, supposedly blood, is dripping from the eye sockets behind the mask.

Since the creator never wrote a backstory for the character himself, many fans took to writing their own. One of which, written by Kiki-Hyuga (the creator of Sally), became easily the most popular one.

According to the origin story Jack was originally a normal college student that was used as a human sacrifice for a cult but the "sacrifice" failed and Jack was transformed into the eldritch abomination he is today. The sacrifice Jack was used for involved him getting his eyes scooped out with a spoon before the cult members filled his eye sockets with a mixture of hot tar and blood.


On June 7th, 2010, N4G Forums member Anon posted a “Nightmare Fuel” thread containing images of disturbing creatures purportedly found on the /v/ (video games) board on 4chan. One of the images featured an eyeless creature peering over a bed. On February 25th, 2012 a Creepypasta Wiki user posted a story titled “Eyeless Jack”, based on the creature in the image.

Who Created Them?Edit

Azelf5000. On a related note, Azelf5000 personally asked for the deletion of the story off of the Creepypasta wiki, citing "poor quality" and saying there was much better things for people to be reading.