Photo-Negative Mickey
Some attributes
Species Unknown
Sex Male
Origin Story Abandoned by Disney by Slimebeast
Other attributes

Photo-Negative Mickey is the coined name for the negatively colored monster and primary antagonist of Abandoned by Disney. He appears as a mascot constume whose colors oppose that of the normal Mickey Mouse, thus the name.


The story "Abandoned by Disney is told from the point of view of a traveler who visits “Mowgli's Palace," a fictional abandoned Jungle Book-themed Disney resort on an island in the Bahamas, and investigates the remains of the incomplete palace. After exploring the place for a bit, he goes inside a building and finds a room labeled "Mascots Only".

A photo-negative Mickey Mouse costume is seen laying on the ground while the main character explores the room. After the main character picks up a Donald Duck head and a skull falls out, Photo-Negative Mickey stands up.

The narrator attempts to take a photo of Mickey, only for the resulting black pixels to break the camera. Mickey then asks the narrator "Wanna see my head come off?". Mickey pulls on his head and shoves his fingers into his neck, causing yellow blood to gush out everywhere, and subsequently causing the narrator to run out of the building without checking to see if he locked the door behind him.

The narrator speculates that Disney wasn't trying to keep people like him out, but keep Mickey in. The final fate of Photo-Negative Mickey is never revealed, even in the sequels Room Zero and Corruptus.

Who created them?Edit

Abandoned by Disney and it's sequels were written by Slimebeast.