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Slimebeast is an author of over a hundred stories, including Abandoned by Disney, Lost Episodes, The Crap in the Sack, 60 Second War, and Romance Comics. He is also known as Christopher Howard Wolf. He was an English voice dub for the anime series You're Under Arrest, had appeared on Dawson's Creek as a side-burned student in an episode spoofing the Blair Witch Project, and had created the DragonSpires game.


Slimebeast's stories can be found here. They include Abandoned by Disney and other various works.


Slimebeast's works are generally well received in the public eye. While on the site, user consensus was that every single story he wrote was good.

Abandoned by DisneyEdit

This story has achieved an inordinate amount of fame, and won PoTM on the Creepypasta Wiki. AGrimAuxiliatrix1 praised the buildup, but stated that the ending was extremely subpar and gave the story a 6/10, implying that the story was extremely good until the ending. (Citation #1) Meanwhile, MysterySoup Productions reviewed the story on Underground Creepypasta Animo and gave it a 7/10, stating that the ending "comes out of nowhere and makes no sense [because] it was never stated that anything paranormal was going on, resulting in a jarring ending." (Citation #4)

Lost EpisodesEdit

Like most of Slimebeast's repertoire, this garnered rave public reviews and even won PoTM on the Creepypasta Wiki. The critic AGrimAuxiliatrix1, however, gave this story a 3/10, pointing out the unnecessary use of sarcasm, the introduction of plot points that go nowhere, and the ending, which she calls "an awful twist" and "incredibly stupid". Dorkpool also did a riff on this story, possibly because of AGrimAuxiliatrix1's review. (Citation #2)

Sad KittenEdit

Even though this work was extremely short, it was also praised by users on Creepypasta Wikia. AGrimAuxiliatrix1 stated that it was "one of the most confusing stories [Slimebeast] has written" and called the narrative a "tonally confused mess". (Citation #3)


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