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Slimebeast is an author of over a hundred stories, including Abandoned by Disney, Lost Episodes, The Crap in the Sack, 60 Second War, and Romance Comics. He is also known as Christopher Howard Wolf. He was an English voice dub for the anime series You're Under Arrest, had appeared on Dawson's Creek as a side-burned student in an episode spoofing the Blair Witch Project, and had created the DragonSpires game.


Slimebeast's stories can be found here. They include Abandoned by Disney and other various works.


Slimebeast's works are generally well received in the public eye. Some of his stories have received some negative criticism, others receiving extremely good reception.

Romance ComicsEdit

The ending to Romance Comics has been criticized on occasion as "inappropriate" and "unnecessary."

Abandoned by DisneyEdit

Abandoned by Disney received very positive reception, being placed in Suggested Reading on the Creepypasta Wikia.